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2017 HMGS® Election




HMGS, Inc. Election Committee
2017 Election Results
Update to the Membership, June 25, 2017

Once again the voting process is complete. Please note the number of members receiving ballots and returned ballots this election.  I think this is one of the highest in a while. The self return envelopes probably made some difference and we might continue doing this. Let us know what you think.

Again as always, thanks to all who stepped up to run as well as those who won the election. The four incumbents won re-election this year. Please congratulate the returning Board Members: John Spiess, Scott Landis, Paul Trani, and David Waxtel.

Thanks from the Election Committee,

James Curtis
Mitch Osborne
John Snead

JUNE 22, 2017 8:00 A.M. 

Summary of Ballots Received or Returned 

There were a total of 1,997 Ballots mailed. There were 499 ballots received in the office postmarked no later than June 9, 2016. There were 11 ballots returned unopened by the post office marked as undeliverable or return to sender. Two ballots were invalid due to no signature. Two ballots were invalid due to marking more than 4 candidates. 

Verification of Ballots and Counting Procedure 

1. Each ballot was examined by two people at different times to validate the name, and unique ballot number to ensure a legal ballot. 
2. All legal ballots were examined by two people for irregularities in voting which would cause exclusion from vote counting. The result of this examination was that two ballots were not counted due to no signature and two ballots invalid due to marking more than 4 candidates. The invalids and therefore, not counted, ballots did not change the outcome of the election
3. All valid ballots were counted two times and all totals were crosschecked. 

Certification of Election Results 

We did not encounter any discrepancies other than noted in item 2 above which we consider to be immaterial. Therefore, we confirm, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the election results, as follows, are accurate and complete. 

Candidate    Vote Count             Candidate    Vote Count 
John Spiess        283                    Mike Fatovic           195
Scott Landis        249                    Bill White                191 
Paul Trani            232                    Mike Fijalka             160 
David Waxtel       232                    Dudley J. Garidel     125 
Timothy Broome   200 

Referenda     Yes         No 
Ref 1             451         17 
Ref 2             452         17 
Ref 3             431         35 
Ref 4             441         27 
Ref 5             419         44 



To all HMGS Inc, Members,

In accordance with the HMGS Inc. By-Laws, we are currently conducting the annual HMGS Inc. 2017 Election for four Board of Director (BoD) seats. Your Election Committee for 2017 consists of John Snead, Mitch Osborne and myself. We report to the BoD and the HMGS Membership through a designated HMGS Director who is not running in this election.

Election Ballots have already been mailed out to HMGS members with a valid membership current as of the last day of Cold Wars 2017. The ballots should reach everyone no later than (NLT) 1 May, 2017. IF you are sure your membership is current as of the end of Cold Wars, and if you have not received a ballot by 1 May, 2017, please contact the Election Committee ASAP at ELECTION@HMGS.ORG or call me directly at the numbers listed below. When you contact us please include your current contact information [email address, mailing address, phone number, etc] as well as the date of your last membership renewal. We will work with the BoD to confirm your status.

Each Ballot has a unique member-voting control number on it, and therefore cannot be reproduced. Remember to personally sign the ballot so that your vote will count. HMGS Inc. does not allow for Proxy voting.

Biographies of all candidates are included in the ballot mailing. The bios may also be found on the official HMGS Inc. website. []


Ballots must be postmarked no later than Friday, June 9, 2017.

In addition to the BoD election, there are five referenda to be voted on. Please take your time to review and discuss them. These referendums are from Membership Meetings and presented here to the full membership for a vote as per HMGS By-Laws. The referenda will also be posted to our website along with the Bios.

I encourage the candidates and membership to ask and answer questions on the official forum as much more can be discussed there than in a 500 word bio. You can also post questions to our website. []

We encourage all members to please participate both by asking questions of the candidates as well as mailing in your ballot as soon as possible.




James Curtis,

HMGS Inc. 2017 Election Chairperson

H: 757-723-6485
C: 757-639-2121


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