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Education Program

HMGS, Inc.'s mission is to "promote, aid and assist in the fostering of education of military history" through the hobby of historical gaming.

HMGS believes that educational grants - to support volunteers in miniature wargaming clubs, schools, associations, or other tax exempt organizations - further our mission.

HMGS educational grants have included not only money, but also figures, terrain, etc. that have been donated to HMGS by our members.

For additional information, please contact the HMGS Director for Education.


Grant Applications

To apply for a grant, an organization should submit a "grant application", with a cover letter to the HMGS Director for Education.

A cover letter - preferably on the organization's letterhead - should include the organization's name, address and EIN (Federal Tax Identification Number - if available), along with the name and contact information for the organization's point-of-contact.  The cover letter should include a brief statement that the organization is sponsoring the project detailed in the grant application and that they will return any unused funds.

A grant proposal should include information, such as:

  • Principal point of contact and contact information
  • HMGS membership status ?
  • Local club membership status?
  • GM experience ?
  • Connection with the club or group to be supported
  • Club or gaming group to be supported
  • Age or grade and number of students
  • Meeting Frequency
  • Inclusive dates of the grant period
  • Specific support requested
  • Goals, objectives, staffing and budget including grant for amount
  • What will be purchased eg materials, terrain, figures, rulesets
  • Storage and eventual disposition of durable items purchased
  • Statement of deliverables to HMGS – photos, brief write up of how the grant was used and waiver to use pictures of minors.