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Scruby Winner 2007

Scott Bowden to Receive HMGS 2007 Jack Scruby Award

The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) is proud to announce that Mr. Scott Bowden will be the recipient for the 2007 HMGS East "Jack Scruby Award" to be presented at the annual HMGS Historicon Convention 26-29 July at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

For over thirty years, Scott Bowden has produced several of the most influential historical miniatures gaming rules and published an impressive list of books on the American Civil War and Napoleonic Wars.  A more complete Bio of Scott's contributions is below.

 The Scruby Award is named after the late Jack Scruby, one of the first to make a critical contribution to the growth and promotion of the hobby of historical miniatures gaming in the USA. The Award is presented bi-annually by HMGS East Chapter in recognition for that same selfless service and incomparable contributions to the hobby of historical miniatures gaming as exemplified by Jack Scruby.

The 2007 Scruby Award Dinner will be held at Historicon '07, Saturday July 28th at 7:00 p.m. in the Lancaster Host's Vistas D Room (Adjacent to the Host Restaurant).  Also, at that time, HMGS East members Glenn Kidd and Bill Rutherford will be inducted into the HMGS Legion of Honor, the HMGS Order that selects Scruby Awardees.



In the late 1970s, when board games were dominant and HMGS was still a glimmer on the horizon, Scott Bowden was already turning out a variety of well-thought-out miniatures wargame rules systems. His works included MINUTEMAN, COEUR DE LEON, JEB, EMPIRE, REDCOAT, STARS-N-BARS (I, II and III), EMPIRE (I, II, III, IV, & V), ANCIENT EMPIRES and finally CHEF DE BATAILLON.   

Scott is most known for his EMPIRE series of Napoleonic games. In addition to expanding on the nuances of national army characteristics, EMPIRE introduced aspects extensive historical research to include frontage, range, and maneuverability. His Game design reached a culmination in his famous EMPIRE II, which won two "H. G. Wells Awards" in 1978:  "Best all time Napoleonic Rules" and the H. G. Wells "Hall of Fame." EMPIRE was the dominant miniatures wargaming rules system during the 1980's, and many original EMPIRE traits are still evident in both historical and non-historical miniature game designs today. In an interview last summer in HISTORICAL MINIATURE GAMER, Scott mentioned a possible return to rules writing Napoleonic game systems.

In addition to his game design achievements, Scott Bowden is also widely known for several books (historical all of gamer appeal) which include:  ARMIES ON THE DANUBE 1809 (1980 and 1989 expanded edition, Coauthored with Charlie Tarbox), NAPOLEON AT AUSTERLITZ, NAPOLEON'S GRANDE ARMEE OF 1813, ARMIES AT WATERLOO, ARMIES AT GETTYSBURG , and ARMIES AT FIRST MANASSAS. His latest work, NAPOLEON'S FINEST, about Marshal Davout's Third Corps was well received. Bowden's most critically acclaimed book LAST CHANCE FOR VICTORY: ROBERT E. LEE AND THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN has won five literary Awards including the Douglas Southall Freeman American History Award and holds the distinction of being designated as "required reading" for all officers at the U.S Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Other expected releases from Scott include NAPOLEON'S APOGEE and a follow-up to his Gettysburg book.

Scott Bowden has played an immeasurable role in developing the hobby of Historical Miniatures Gaming over the past thirty years. The sheer volume of his achievements alone is most impressive, but the quality and impact of his work is unsurpassed. His groundbreaking game-design and historical scholarship genuinely embody the purpose and goals of HMGS:

"To promote the hobby of historical miniatures gaming and its relationship to the study of military history."