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The Historicon 2018 Events

Preliminary Events List - Published 4/25/18

Tournaments list - Published 4/28/18

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Events added since the PEL was published

T:655:20 Kill all the gentlemen: The Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549 – Theme
GM: Marc Garrett
Event Date/Time: 7/12/2018 8:00 PM Duration: 3hrs
Location: Distelfink: D62
Players: 6
Sponsor: Steel Fist Miniatures, Prize: Each member of the winning team will take home a painted 28mm landsknecht from Steel Fist Miniatures., Period: Renaissance, Scale: 28mm, Rules: Lion Rampant (modified)
Description: In 1549 the government of Edward VI passed the Act of Uniformity to enforce usage of the Book of Common Prayer, extending the imposition of the English Reformation on the reluctant Catholic population of Cornwall, who arose in revolt! Without a standing army, England sent German landsknechts and Italian arquebusiers to suppress the rebellion. Do Cornish longbows stand a chance against pike and shot tactics? Find out as we replay a battle from the Prayer Book Rebellion using modified Lion Rampart rules.

T:656:09 CHECK YOUR SIX! - KamikaZZZEEEs
GM: Paul Meyer & NOWS
Event Date/Time: 7/12/2018 9:00 AM Duration: 4hrs
Players: 6
Sponsor: None, Prize: 1/144 mini, Period: World War II, Scale: 1/144, Rules: Check Your Six! (Some house rules):
Description: Take to the sky as Dick Bong, Pappy Boyington, or another of America's greatest aces facing a hoard of relentless attackers who fly like they have no fear of death. (Hint: They don't) Prize to the top-scoring hero. House rules provide the slightly higher level of detail appropriate for scenarios with smaller numbers of larger-scale aircraft. Rules will be taught. Not well-suited for very young players.
Location: Vistas C Table: VC2

F:657:18 FIGHTING STEAM - Baton Rouge Bash
GM: Paul Meyer & NOWS
Event Date/Time: 7/13/2018 6:00 PM Duration: 4hrs
Location: Vistas C: VC2
Players: 8
Sponsor: None, Prize: None, Period: American Civil War, Scale: 1:1000th, Rules: Fighting Steam (Modified)
Description: WHAT IF ... C.S.S. Arkansas had had reliable engines when she sortied in support of the attack on Baton Rouge? AND WHAT IF ... she’d been joined by the Indianola which hadn't been foolishly destroyed by her Confederate captors? AND WHAT IF ... They faced U.S.S. Essex and the mysterious "Black Terror" as well as several of Farragut's blue water gunboats? Let's find out! Fighting Steam is a fast-play game for ACW naval actions inspired by the SPI classic Fighting Sail. Rules will be taught. Young players welcome with a playing adult.

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