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Historicon Events 2019

Page Updated - 5/24/2019

Preliminary Events List - 6/25/2019

Tournaments List - 5/20/2019

Hobby University Class List - 4/24/2019

War College Seminar List - 6/19/19

The 6/25/19 Tournaments List corrects the contact for the Flames of War Mid-War Doubles on Thursday to David Griffin (
The 5/24/19 updated PEL adds new events. (Listed below)
The 5/7/19 updated PEL corrects table assignments.
The updated Tournaments List corrects the email for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. The correct email is

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Newly Added Games

F09:330 CLASH of Spears Demo - Skirmishes in Ancient Times
Friday, 9:00 AM, 9 hrs, Players: 4, Location: Heritage: HR-52
GM: Alvaro Erize
Sponsor: None, Prize: Blister of 4 roman legionaries to all participants
Period: Ancients, Scale: 28mm, Rules: CLASH of Spears
Description: CLASH of Spears is an upcoming, Skirmish level, ancients ruleset that will be released in November 2019. Come join us for a quick demo of this exciting new game. Lead your small elite force of roman legionaries or barbarian mercenaries to accomplish tactical missions for the greater good and your personal glory. No need to register, we will be running 30-45 minute demos all day. Just show up and try to stay alive!

F10:329 1942 Air Combat over El Alamein
Friday, 10:00 AM, 3 hrs, Players: 7, Location: Heritage: HR-13
GM: Pete Friesen
Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: World War II, Scale: 1:285 micro, Rules: Check Your 6
Description: October 1942; Bostons and Hudsons are escorted by Kittyhawks and Spitfire to attack an Italian airfield. The Italians climb to intercept.

F12:333 Rear Guard Action — Theme
Friday, 12:00 PM, 10 hrs, Players: 8, Location: Heritage: HR-74
GM: Donald Foust
Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: World War II, Scale: 15mm, Rules: Bolt Action
Description: Japanese forces have landed at Ano and are moving south. The PA has ordered a blocking force to cover their withdraw. The force is to hold out as long a they can to cover the retirement of the main body. Can this force buy enough time to get the job done.....we will see. This battle will take place in three stages. first a probing force, an assault and finally an all out attack. Beginners welcome and each stage will have a limited amount of players starting with 2-4 and getting more players added each phase. Walk ups will be welcomed.

F14:326 Crossing the Dives - Falais pocket.
Friday, 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, Players: 8, Location: Vine: VN-17
GM: Joseph Seliga
Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: World War II, Scale: 15mm, Rules: Fireball Forward
Description: The 1st Polish Armored Division, with cadre from the 10th Motorized Brigade were to drive south, link up with the Americans and seal the pocket. The divisional recon battalion (10th Mounted Rifles PSK) led the advance in their Cromwells, supported by a troop from the divisional anti-tank regiment with Achilles, and the divisional motorized infantry battalion (10th Dragoons). At 1400 hours on August 15, 1944, they arrived at the outskirts of the village of Jort and its bridge over the river Dives. Rules will be taught, Youngsters welcome.

S20:332 Gettysburg 2nd Day Longstreet's Assault
Saturday, 8:00 PM, 3 hrs, Players: 6, Location: Heritage: HR-27
GM: Steve Curtis Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: American Civil War, Scale: 15mm, Rules: Brigade Fire and Fury 2nd Edition
Description: Venture once more into the Union flank, the Peach Orchard, Devils Den, Little Round top, and the Wheatfield await. Lead Hood division, send Barksdale forward, or rush troops to Warrens aid and sweep the Wheatfield with Caldwell. A brigade level clash, Hood, McLaws and Anderson divisions against 2nd, 3rd and 5th Corps.

S14:331 A CLASH of Spears - Raid to Hannibal's supply chain
Saturday, 2:00 PM, 3 hrs, Players: 8, Location: Commonwealth: CW-45
GM: Alvaro Erize Sponsor: None, Prize: Agema box of Carthaginean Veterans
Period: Ancients, Scale: 28mm, Rules: CLASH of Spears
Description: CLASH of Spears is an upcoming Skirmish level Ancients ruleset, that will be released in November 2019. For the Republic! Lead your elite force of roman legionaries deep behind enemy lines to disrupt Hannibal's supply chain. Experience a different kind of ancients wargame, away from massed phalanxes and into gritty hand to hand combat and the pursuit of glory. Personally lead your small force of 40 men and move in and out of formation to secure your mission and bring your men home. For more information on CLASH of Spears go to

S15:327 Pickelhaube and Kepi- A Franco-Prussian War Clash
Saturday, 3:00 PM, 4 hrs, Players: 5, Location: Commonwealth: CW-13
GM: Jared Fishman
Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: 19th Century, Scale: 10mm, Rules: Field of Battle 2
Description: The time is September, 1870, with two of the great European powers clashing to see who is the new needle mover on the continent. Will the Prussian advantage in artillery rule the day, or will the French elan and fighting spirit be able to carry the day? Rules are Brent Oman's card based Field of Battle, with scenario designed by members of Hackley School's game club. See the War College listing for our seminar!

S16:328 Burgoyne's Gamble: Freeman's Farm September 19th 1777 — Theme
Saturday, 4:00 PM, 4 hrs, Players: 10, Location: Commonwealth: CW-34
GM: Marvin Veeder
Sponsor: None, Prize: None
Period: American War for Independence, Scale: 28mm, Rules: Crucible of War
Description: Not wanting to repeat the tragic events of Bunker Hill two years earlier, Burgoyne decided to gamble and move his army through the "jungle" of colonial New York in an attempt to outflank the rebel world on Bemis Heights. Lots of dice, a fast play rule system and the fog of war will provide an exciting and memorable game experience. Join the Fun!!!!

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  • North Africa on to Tabruk! - Decision Games
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  • Osmanli Harbi The Ottoman Fronts: 1914 to 1918 - SPW
  • Over the Top! - Decision Games
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  • Poland First Campaign of WWII - Decision Games
  • RAF The Battle of Britain 1940 - Decision Games
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  • Twilight Struggle - GMT Games (2)
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Decision Games Folio Game Series List
  • Aachen First to Fall
  • Acre The Third Crusade Opens
  • Arsuf Lionheart vs. Saladin
  • Barbarossa Deluxe The Russo-German War, 1941-45
  • Bastogne A Desperate Defense
  • Battle of the Scheldt The Devil's Moat
  • Battles for the Ardennes
  • Battles for the Galactic Empire
  • Beyond the Urals: The Final Campaign in Russia, 1942
  • Breitenfeld Enter the Lion of the North
  • Cauldron Battle for Gazala
  • Chalons The Fate of Europe
  • Chickamauga River of Death
  • Crusader Battle for Tobruk
  • DMZ The Next Korean War
  • El Alamein Rommel at Alam El Halfa
  • Frayser's Farm Wasted Opportunity
  • Gaza 1917 Gateway to Jerusalem
  • Golan The Syrian Offensive
  • Iwo Bloodbath in the Bonins 19 Feb-17 Mar 1945
  • Kasserine Baptism of Fire
  • Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010-?
  • Lebanon '82 Operation Peace for Galilee
  • Leipzig Napoleon Encircled
  • Loos The Big Push
  • Manoeuvre Distant Lands
  • Marengo Morning Defeat, Afternoon Victory
  • Masuria Winter Battle 1915
  • Meuse Argonne The Final Offensive
  • Mortain Counterattack The Drive to Avranches
  • Naktong Bulge Breaking the Perimeter
  • Pavia Climax of the Italian Wars
  • Pea Ridge St Louis, then Huzzah!
  • Pedregal Santa Anna Bay
  • Saipan Conquest of the Marianas
  • Shanghai Incident 28 January-2 March 1932
  • Shiloh Grant Surprised
  • Showdown The Coming Indo-Pakistani War
  • Stones River Turning Point in Tennessee
  • Suez 1916 The Ottomans Strike
  • Tannenberg East Prussia, August 1914
  • Tannenberg The Introductory Game to the Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series - SPW
  • The American Revolution Decision in North America, 1775-82
  • Vimy Ridge Arras Diversion
  • Zama Hannibal vs Scipio
Decision Games Mini Game Series List
  • Belisarius"s War The Roman Reconquest of Africa, AD 533-534
  • Border War Angola Raiders
  • Cactus Air Force Air War Over the Solomons
  • Caesar's War The Conquest of Gaul, 58-52 BC
  • Ceres Operation Stolen Base
  • Chantilly Jackson's Missed Opportunity 1 September 1862
  • Congo Merc The Congo, 1964
  • Custer's Final Campaign 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn
  • Eagle Day The Battle of Britain
  • First Saratoga Burgoyne's Gambit 19 September 1777
  • Germantown Washington Strikes 4 October 1777
  • Khe Sanh '68
  • Khyber Rifles Britannia in Afghanistan
  • Lettow-Vorbeck East Africa 1914-18
  • Long Range Desert Group Special Operations Against Rommel 1941-1942
  • Mansfield Crisis in the Pine Barrens 8 April 1864
  • Merrill's Marauders Commandos in Burma 1943-1944
  • MiG Alley Air War Over Korea 1951
  • Molino Del Rey Gateway to Mexico City 8 September 1847
  • Phobos Rising! Insurgency on Mars
  • Saalfeld Prelude to Jenna 10 October 1806
  • Salem Church East of Chancellorsville 3-4 May 1863
  • Suez '56 Anglo-French Intervention in Egypt
  • Wilson's Creek Opening Round in the West 10 August 1861