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HMGS, Inc. Fall In! Volunteer Application

Please complete in it's entirety.

If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator at

Volunteers must be members of HMGS, Inc.

HMGS is always looking for volunteers to help at our shows. Please consider donating some of your time to help us improve our show.

Volunteers who meet the minimum required hours will be eligible for the following:

15 Hours
• A badge to the show.
• Volunteer T-shirt
• Show vouchers for each day worked.
• ½ of a room (you will be sharing a room with another person so bring a friend or family member to volunteer with you).
10 Hours
• A badge to the show.
•Volunteer T-shirt
• Show vouchers for each day worked.

5 Hours
• A badge to the show.
• Volunteer T-shirt

Volunteers must be HMGS members in good standing at the time of the convention.

I affirm that I am 16 years of age or older.  

I understand that this application is non-binding and does not constitute an agreement between HMGS, Inc and myself and that HMGS, Inc. is under no obligation to add me to the  volunteer roster. 

I understand that if I do not list a preferred roommate, a roommate will be assigned to me at HMGS's discretion.

*I understand that if I chose to not have another volunteer roommate (ie. a private room) HMGS will cover 1/2 of the total room costs at the standard HMGS negotiated room rate and that I will be responsible for the balance of the total room costs. 

For purposes of this electronic form filing, a signature is effected by typing a name in the designated signature field. Enter the full legal signature as it appears in typed or printed form. By typing a name in this field, the signatory acknowledges and represents that the entry constitutes in every way, use, or aspect, his or her legally binding signature.