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Cold Wars will once again be held at the Lancaster Host Resort located at 2300 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30), Lancaster, PA 17602. Long a favorite of HMGS convention attendees, newcomers will enjoy the convenience of a full service resort boasting comfortable yet reasonably priced rooms and dining selections to satisfy every taste.

For even more information, we also recommend you take a short trip over to the Lancaster Host's Website. The toll free number for the Host is 1-800-233-0121 to make reservations, and be advised - they go quick.



Click on the icon to the left for a larger image that presents an overview of the Lancaster Host's property layout, particularly the amount of parking available. Parking is normally free during HMGS conventions held at the Host. Also note the brown Expo Center, faced diagonal on the right side of the image. This is the home of our Dealer's Hall and can be reached out the back of the Host's lower level via the terrace, perhaps a three minute walk along a path that is about 80% covered from the elements. Adjacent to the Dealer's Hall is a pro shop to attend to the needs of all the golfers at the convention, who can take advantage of the Host's own golf course depending on season. As with all the maps shown here, the viewer is looking from the front to the back of the Lancaster Host, which is to say you are looking south (i.e., the direction south is at the top of the map).


Click on the icon to the right for a larger image giving a close up view of the Lancaster Host's first level - the floor where you come through the front entrance and find the hotel registration desk and so on. Registration will be held near Legends Restaurant. The Legends Restaurant is a more formal and upscale establishment while the Vistas Restaurant serves more informal fare to include an excellent Amish breakfast buffet. The Good Spirits Bar is located just in front of Legends.

Click on the icon to the left for a larger image showing the meeting rooms on the lower level of the Lancaster Host where the majority of gaming is done at the convention. The stairs shown proceed up to just by the hotel registration desk and lobby. Many HMGS affiliated clubs set up shop in one of the many meeting rooms indicated on the map, but there are a few exceptions. The Hopewell Room is where most non-gaming events are held, such as seminars or HMGS membership meetings. Ballrooms A and B, together known as the Distelfink Ballroom, as well as its adjacent foyer is where a lot of non-club related games are held. A hot and cold snack bar is also set up in the foyer for those who simply can't take a break, while additional open gaming space is available in the small reception area just above the Hopewell and Cornwall Rooms.


There are several nearby attractions from the Lancaster Host, but two of the most popular are just across the street or around the corner. These two locations are very family friendly, just the thing for spouses and kids. The attractions are:

The Strassburg Railroad and Dutch Wonderland

Get more information on the Lancaster, PA region and all there is to see while you're in the area; click on the Lancaster Host Resort Conference Center Website!


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