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Issue: March 2018

Editors: Bob & Cleo Liebl,

and Tanya Brewer

Answer Now in Your Country's Hour of Need

Event submission has opened!


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HMGS plans to move to online voting for our Board election in the spring of 2018.  Here's what you need to know to make certain you are sent the kind of ballot you want.
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The Gods of War
Everyone who has played a wargame has gone up against the gods of war.  Here's a substantial (but not definitive) list of them in case you need reference material.
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Before you put one figure on the table at a con, before you type one word of the description of the event on the pre-reg form, before you get out your Ancient Tomes of Spells and Orders of Battle, you have to craft “the story.”! 
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Play the Period You R in Love With
Every wargamer has a personality, but not the same personality.  This piece looks at how to determine which period best suits your personality.
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