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Wally's Basement



Wally’s Basement (Basement) enables HMGS members (Dwellers) to exchange, sell, or barter items that are in excess to their PERSONAL gaming needs. It is not intended to compete with or provide an alternate area to the commercial vendor area.

  1. You must be a current member in good standing of HMGS to reserve a table.
  2. You may only reserve one table per session. If more are available during the session, you may purchase them directly from an HMGS Wally’s Basement Coordinator (Coordinators) for that session only, no sooner than 15 minutes before the session.
  3. You must be present at your table. An alternate may stand in for short breaks not to exceed 10-15 minutes.
  4. You cannot use display banners, signage, or other marketing accouterments to dress up your table that are professional or commercial in nature, or similar to that found in the vendor’s area.
  5. You cannot use shelving units, improvised shelving or display racks of any sort. Crate/boxes are permitted on the table to hold magazines/books/items for the sole purpose of containment. You are not permitted to stack a crate/box on top of one another.
  6. You cannot place items for sale under your table, store items under your table, or block designated aisles. Empty boxes or closed boxes are acceptable. The coordinators have the authority to eject anyone caught selling or allowing perusal of items from under the table, with no refund forthcoming of your table rental.
  7. You cannot distribute business cards advertising any hobby-related business.
  8. You cannot accept credit, debit card payments (to include PayPal), or any other form of electronic payment. You may accept barter, cash or check.
  9. If you do not claim your table within ½ hour of the start of the session you will be considered absent and you run the risk that your table will be resold and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Table Assignment

After HMGS has received payment for the session(s) you have selected, the Coordinators will assign one (1) table per Dweller on a first come, first served basis – NO EXCEPTIONS. Table assignments will be provided for each day of the Basement, except for Sunday which is an open day.

Your Wally's Basement Session(s)

  1. The Basement must remain empty of Dwellers and their wares until the Coordinators have verified that the tables are properly and safely arranged.
  2. The Coordinators will determine when it is appropriate to allow the Dwellers to enter the Basement for set-up purposes. Set-up will typically begin 45-60 minutes prior to the start of the each session. Those with special needs will be given preference to early entrance for set-up purposes only.
  3. Dwellers who have signed up for subsequent sessions will not be permitted to remain in the Basement between the sessions. Dwellers who have signed up for consecutive sessions may either break down or cover their table with a sheet or similar covering. They shall not sell, trade, reserve, or bargain in any way with any other Dwellers or Guests before or between sessions while in the basement.
  4. The Coordinators will be the only ones authorized to open the Basement to the public.


Dwellers violating any of these conditions understand that the Coordinators have the authority to revoke the table assignment and have the Dweller leave the Basement for the remainder of the session. In addition, the Coordinators may determine if the Dweller will be allowed to return to the Basement for subsequent sessions. There will be no refund(s).

The Dwellers will abide by the decisions and interpretations of the policy, procedures and rules by the Coordinators with respect to the operation of the Basement.

For all other issues, a Basement oversight committee consisting of the Convention Director (or his designee), the VP for Convention Operations (or his designee), and a Coordinator will address complaints jointly. Their decision will be final.

HMGS, Inc. Members may register for a Wally's Basement Table during the convention registration process.

If you purchase a table in Wally's Basement, you must complete the 


To Purchase a Space in Wally's:

Please make sure when registering that both radio buttons are selected - indicated by X

or the WB session will not be added to your cart

There may be a slight delay from when you check the first box before the second required ticket appears

THIS IS A SAMPLE: (you cannot select tables here)