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The Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, Holiday Inn Lancaster and Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center all offer free parking for guests. For day trippers and those travelling downtown from area hotels parking in Lancaster Parking Authority facilities will be covered by Historicon. Just bring your parking ticket to the Main Registration Desk to receive your exit token. Exhibitors parking in a local garage not staying at the Marriott can pick up their parking token at the exhibitor HQ inside Freedom B.


Penn Square Garage
28 S. Duke Street
Duke St. Entrance Clearance 6' 8"

Parking for Marriott Guests. One car per room (self-park) is included with in and out privileges. You will receive a parking card while checking in which will allow you to enter and exit the garage. Additional registered cars parked overnight in the garage can be added to your room. HMGS will not cover valet parking charges.

2 Steinman Park Garage
35 S. Prince Street
Prince St. entrance clearance 8' 2"

E King St. Garage
150 E. King Street
Clearance 8' 2"

4 Prince Street Garage
111 N. Prince Street
Prince St. entrance clearance 6' 8"

Duke Street Garage
150 N. Duke Street
Clearance 6' 8"

Parking for Holiday Inn Guests.

6 Water Street Garage
220 N. Water Street
Clearance 6' 8"


Loading and Unloading

All Marriott guests can unload at the main hotel entrance located at the corner of King and Queen Street. They may also park first and unload via the connector to the hotel located on level 2 of the parking garage.

GMs travelling in can unload on Queen Street in front of the Convention Center. (25 S. Queen Street) The 10 spots along the street are reserved for the duration of the show for loading and unloading. There is a slight slope on Queen Street. We recommend having someone available to help you or getting assistance from one of our volunteers. You will be directed to a secured storage area or to your table to set up.

Wally's Basement Dwellers not staying at the Marriott can unload on Vine Street or Queen Street. Please do not use the Vine Street entrance during a Wally's session. There is only space for a couple vehicles at this location.

Use of the Loading Dock. The Loading Dock is for exhibitor use only on Wednesday and Thursday until noon. GMs and Wally's Dwellers may be able to use this area the rest of the time.

During expected busy periods volunteers will be at the doors to assist. If no one is there, Main Registration is just inside the doors of the S. Queen St. entrance and you can request assistance there. The Vine St. entrance brings you directly into Wally's. If registration is closed you'll be able to get help accessing the secure storage areas at the GM help desk located on Level 2 in front of the Commonwealth Ballroom.