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The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about HISTORICON:

Q: How do I clear my cache?

A: Instructions for clearing your cache can be found here:'s-Cache.

Q: How do I use the QR Code to print out my badge and event tickets?

A: Self-serve stations will be set up at the show to print out your badge and event tickets. You just need to run your qr code under the scanner. If you are reading it off of an electronic device and it has trouble reading it you may have to turn up your brightness.

Q: What do I do if I pre-registered and I forgot or can't find my qr code?

A: If a volunteer is stationed at the self-serve station they'll be able to assist you by looking up your order for you. If you don't see a volunteer at the self-serve station you can go to the main registration area and a volunteer there will be able to look up and print out your materials.

Q: Where do I go to get my swag bag?

A: Main registration next to the onsite registration computers.

Q: Where/how do I get my parking validated?

A: If you are staying at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square your parking will be taken care of when you check in. If you drove in and parked at a local parking garage bring your parking ticket to the main registration area to the parking tickets table and show the volunteer your parking ticket and you'll receive a payment ticket that will allow you to exit at no cost.

Q: All the events I want to play in are full, what should I do?

A: Sometimes ticket holders don't show up for their events. Also some GMs will register a game for a certain number of people but can easily make room for a couple more. If there's a sold out game you really want to play in you might want to show up and see if there's room for you.

Q: How do I get a table for open gaming?

A: You must check in at the Event Desk before you set up on an open table to play an unscheduled game. An unused table now might not be an hour from now. There is a spreadsheet at the Event Desk with the table usage schedule and they'll be able to tell you what tables will be available for the next few hours. If you set up on a table without checking in and a scheduled game starts before you have completed your game you'll have to end and immediately pickup your game.

Q: Where is the ATM?

A: The ATM is located in the lobby of the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.

Q: Do you have maps of the local area?

A: There may be maps at the Historicon information desk. If we don't have any, the Lancaster Visitor's Center is diagonally across the street from the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square on the Northwest corner of Queen and King Street. They have area maps, tickets to the guided historic downtown tours, and other tourist materials.