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The Wachtmeister's Patrol
Hello all! My name is Dennis Jensen and I’m one of Hobby University’s instructors. I've taught a number of painting and terrain making classes and have become slightly obsessed with weathering all things. During this blog I plan on talking about my experiences within the war gaming hobby, I hope you’ll enjoy following along.
63 4 hours ago
Wicked Elf Miniatures
Personal Project Blog of Gregory Zuniga. Just a little slice of the internet that I can post my personal project photos. Projects are what ever crosses my paint desk and catch my eye. Hobby University Staff Member since 2010.
60 2/17/2020
Grognard on the March
Todd Pressley, self described hack, will be posting projects from painting to model building. This eclectic mix of project content will hopefully spark interest in the "Grumblers" in all of us (see grognard). If any of these inspire "I can do that!" then we are on the right path.
19 7/16/2019
Tales from a Lazy Gamer
I'm Johnny and I'm one of the last of the Hobby U Old Guard instructors. I enjoy off the wall Pulp and modern gaming. *LOVE* Zombies and WW1. In typical gamer fashion, I dream of these grandiose projects - get about 7 models in and get distracted by the next shiny thing. Hopefully with this blog I'll keep up with the small projects I'm working on, painting guides and instruction, product reviews and other gaming and miniature shenanigans. I also love answering questions - so if there is anything you want to know - feel free to drop me a note or comment and I'll get back to you - or look up the answer (it satisfies the frustrated librarian trait in me).
3 6/2/2015
Daub, Hue, and Tinge
A blog home for Tanya Brewer's miniature works.
2 5/15/2017
Painting Hacks & Random Ideas from Heather
I'll be posting helpful tips, inspirations, and ideas related to Miniature Figure Painting.
3 2/2/2019
The Cavalry Has Arrived!
You may know me at HMGS cons as "Cav Girl" and this is my blog, whereby I hope to chronicle my lead adventures- both painting and war gaming. I've been painting and gaming, in between other various crafty pursuits and projects, since 2007, and I've been teaching a series of classes for Hobby University for several years now, the focus of which is. . . you guessed it- horses and cavalry units!
1 4/23/2017