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BOOK REVIEW: Challenger 2: Photosniper 30

Posted By Russ Lockwood, Monday, August 26, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Challenger 2: Photosniper 30

by Dick Taylor.

Another fine photo-infused profile of the series covers the British tank in rivet-counting glory. Oversized at 8.3x11.7 inches, the softcover book contains 196 color photos plus six color profiles (four UK and two Omani camouflage schemes).

Text describes the Challenger 2's design and development, from the prototypes up through the deployed tanks. Every once in a while, you get little gems of information that makes a wargamer wonder. For example: "Experience of ammunition fires during WW2 led to the adoption of the policy...of stowing the propellant charges below the turret ring in the hull inside armored containers, meaning that they are much less likely to be hit than if they were in the turret -- which traditionally takes 2/3 of the hits." (p.31)

The book is meant as a photo guide, so no footnote or bibliography, but I wonder about the source.

In any case, you get photos from all sides, including one showing the bottom of an overturned tank. TO&E information for regiment and squadron level is also in there (p.34). All the camouflage patterns you'd expect are inside, including a photo of 'light stone' camouflage (p.72), presumably for the desert.

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Book Review: The Russian Destroyer Spravedlivyy 1956

Posted By Russ Lockwood, Monday, May 13, 2019

by Oleg Pomoshnikov and Jan Radziemski.

This latest addition to Kagero Super Drawings in 3D series offers six pages of history and 76 pages of 3D color photo-realistic illustrations of the ship, particular sections, and specific systems. Another delight for modelers building this ship.

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BOOK REVIEW: Before the Birth of the MBT: Western Tank Development 1945-1959 - Photosniper # 27

Posted By Russ Lockwood, Saturday, April 20, 2019
Updated: Thursday, April 18, 2019
BOOK REVIEW: Before the Birth of the MBT: Western Tank Development 1945-1959 - Photosniper # 27

by Dick Taylor and M P Robinson

This 180-page, 8.3x11.7-inch softcover book contains 22 color profiles, 27 color photos, 11 detailed sketches, and about 130 or so black and white photos (with extended captions) of M-48s, Centurions, AMX-50s, and other Western tanks developed after WWII. Of particular interest was the dead-end development of US 75+ ton tanks towards the end of WWII that never saw action, but for 'what-if' the Soviets head west or Patton heads east scenarios, worth a look.

Still, the vast bulk of the book is about the tanks actually fielded by the West in the 1950s, although you won't find any actions or battles described. This is a 'weapons' book and modelers of such tanks will find it a useful reference.

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