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The Wachtmeister Reviews: Roll up that Map

Posted By Dennis J. Jensen, Sunday, January 19, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

In this blog I review Roll up that Map:1805 in Germany by The Wargaming Company for Et Sants Resultat (ESR.)  This book covers the Ulm and Austerlitz campaigns.

I am a fan of ESR as a game, in a future review I'll discuss the rule book and the game itself.

This campaign guide is soft cover and spiral bound.  The books cover goes over the spiral binding which is nice as it keeps the pages nice and secure.  The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat on your table so you can easily lay it out and refer to it as your game progresses.  I like hardcover books but this feature is really nice and may be my new favorite way to bind rule books and other source books.

There are a total of 9 battles in the book between two campaigns.  There are about 150 pages total.

Each battle has multiple maps, to include: an overall map, a map for the French player and a map for the Allied player.  Each section breaks down the units that are needed for each formation in a give battle.  Even if you don't play ESR these are excellent features as you have the historical battle already broken down for you, you just need to adjust the game for the rules you are using.  The battles run from beginner to advanced so there is something for every gaming group.  Do you have the ESR starter boxes and just a few hours?  Then play from the beginning of the book.  Do you have multiple corps and a full day?  Then feel free to play the end of the book.  There are games for everyone!

Finally the campaign guide has uniform plates for every unit listed in the book.  Let that sink in: EVERY unit in the book.  That's about 40 pages with 15 or so uniforms per page.  

Roll up that Map costs $60 and is worth every penny if you play Napoleonics, whether you play ESR or not.  The maps, the orders of battle and the battle guides can be used for any system you choose to play.  If that's not enough the uniform plates make this book an absolute steal.  You could easily expect to pay double, if not more, for that many uniforms scattered among multiple different books.  Here you have them in one concise place.  

With many other campaign books in the inventory I'm sure you can find something that will help your Napoleonic gaming in The Wargaming Company's catalog.  

Roll up that Map

The first battle in the Ulm campaign: The Battle of Wertigen.  Oh and check out that sweet, sweet binding.

The overall map for the Battle of Wertigen

An example of the French order of battle for the Battle of Wertigen.

The overall map for Austerlitz.  

Just a small section of the order of battle for Austerlitz.

Just two of the pages of uniforms. -Wachtmeister

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