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Game Master Awards- HISTORICON 2018

Posted By Christin Sciulli, Monday, September 10, 2018

From the HMGS Academy of Historical Gaming

The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society congratulates the Game Master (GM) awardees selected by their peer GM’s for HISTORICON 2018.  The HMGS Game Master Awards program is intended to recognize GMs for convention events which encourage others and exemplify the highest qualities of the Historical Miniatures Gaming hobby.

Thanks to ALL of our dedicated GMs for their personal contribution and selfless efforts at HISTORICON 2018.

1. 2018 Duke Siefried Game Master of the Year Award:  Awarded annually at HISTORICON to a Game Master (or GM Team) from among the past year’s “Best of Show” and “Best Theme” recipients.  Selected by the Awards Committee and the previous Game Masters of the Year, usually for those who won the top awards at multiple HMGS® conventions.

The 2018 Duke Siefried Game Master of the Year Award Winner is COL Tom Garnett.

2. Best of Show: “Clash in the Pines: The Battle of Olustee, Florida,” by David Skibicki (28mm ACW).

3. Best of Theme: “Isandlwana,” by David Burton (20mm Colonial).

4. HMGS Young Guard Awards: Selected from all miniatures events where children were the target gaming group or that were GM’d by children.

·         “World War IV: Out- Break Break-Out!” by Peter Panzeri II MBA (28mm Modern).

5. ‘Pour Encourager Les Autres’ (PELA) Awards: Selected from all historical miniatures events throughout the Convention:

·         “Battle of Charlotte Town,” by Robert Mccaskill and Carnage & Glory (40mm AWI).

·         “DAK & Dragons 2.0” by Miles Reidy (28mm WWII).

·         “City Hunters,“ by Jim McWee and MBA (28mm Modern).

·         “Lepanto Naval Battle 1571,” by Brian Dewitt (15mm Age of Reason).

·         “Bad Day on the Sante Fe,” by James Nickle and the HAWKS (25mm Western).

·         “assault on the Danevirke, 6 February 1864,” by Bruce Weigle and the HAWKS (6mm 19th Century)

·         “Sea Lion Begins,’ by Buck Surdu and the HAWKS (28mm WWII).

·         “Dried Corn and Swampfoot, Oct 8th, 1759,” by Robert Moon (40mm French and Indian War).

·         “Buccaneer Wars,” by Brian Whitaker (28mm Age of Piracy).

·         “Battle of Talavera, Juky 1809,” by Peter Anderson (28mm Napoleonic).

·         “Those Crazy Yugoslavian Partizans,” by Patrick Hreachmack (1:600th WWII).

·         “Like Hungry Wolves- Jacobite Rising of 1745,” by Nate Gerstner (15mm Age of Reason).

·         “A Pretty Sever Peppering! New Brunswick, NJ, June 22, 1777,” by Marvin Veeder (28mm AWI).

·         “Battle of Leipzig- Opening Bell,” by Leonard Bearden (10mm Napoleonic).

·         “The Rescue of Marguerite Boudreaux,” By John Emmett (28mm French and Indian War).

·         “A Splendid Little War. . . The Spanish American War Revisited,“ by Bryan Leshinskie (15mm Early 20th Century).

·         “1565, The Siege of St. Elmo,” by Richard Greenaway and Doug Fisher (28mm Renaissance).

·         “Brazen Chariots- The Battle of Sidi Rezegh,’ by Adam Wine and NOWS (15mm WWII).

·         “Into the Darkness: Warhammer 40K, the Trails,” by James Harvey (28mm SciFi).

·         “Among the Wasteland Wreckage,” by Joseph McGuire (28mm SciFi).

·         “Aerodrome 2.0 WWII Aerial Combat: Pearl Harbor- Second Wave,” by Stanley Kubiak (1:144th WWII).

6. HMGS Legion of Honor Battle Stars: A “Recognition Award” selected for achievement by members of the HMGS Legion of Honor.

·         “Centennial: U.S. 1st Pursuit Group Over Chateau Thierry Pt.1,“ by Roxanne Patton (1/144 WWI).

·         “The Fight at Fallen Timbers 1794,” by Bryan Leshinskie (15mm War of 1812).

·         “Battle Station: Operation Scimitar.”

7. GM Award Judging Teams are veteran GM’s led by previous award winners, all of whom devote their personal convention time as volunteers.  GM Judges for HISTORICON 2018 included Pete Panzeri, Jim McWee, Frank Luberti, Steve Boegemann, Glenn Kidd, Frank Chadwick, Kalissa Skibiki, Bill Rutherford, Tim Broome, Blake Plavchak, Bret Plavchak, Robery Mosher, David Sciulli, Thomas Uhl, Cliff Brunken, Tom Breza, John Sileo, Michael Fatovic, Jeff Kimmel, Joe Swartz, Scott Landis, and Patrick Hreachmack.


We apologize for any inaccurate data or oversights and strongly encourage all GMs to volunteer and support the program. 

Club groups and award winners are especially welcome as judging teams.  To sign-up to help with our next convention, please email the Awards Committee Chair at:















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