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Personal Project Blog of Gregory Zuniga. Just a little slice of the internet that I can post my personal project photos. Projects are what ever crosses my paint desk and catch my eye. Hobby University Staff Member since 2010.


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After action report for Historicon

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So after sleeping for what feels like 20 hours on Monday to recover from Historicon, I finally have the time to post.

Hobby University:

The classes I taught this year were: 2x Dirty and Distressed (weathering), 1x Skin tones and Faces, 2x Hands on Airbrush, and the brand new Step up Airbrushing. I feel the classes went well and got excellent feedback from everyone. I try to stay with “here is a technique” style class vs “here is how you paint this one mini” class because that's how I think. Once you know how to make a basic skin tone, what skin tones should be is more about reasoning through whether it is a Ork or a Zulu. It seemed I lost some students in one of the weathering classes but they came around. To be honest, sometimes it is hard to tell if it is convention fatigue, my directions, or if they are uninterested. I do try and check back often, if I can, because you never know when you might be able to get them back in to the class.   The Step Up airbrushing was something that I was not sure how I was going to teach, as people have been asking for an advance airbrushing class for a while. I am mostly a self-taught airbrusher so took some time to figure out what I could bring to that style class. I decided to take a page out of the street artist “rattle can” play book and paint space scenes. It gave everyone nice healthy targets to work with. This also allowed for texturing with plastic wrap/magazines, over spraying, masking with layering in mind, some trigger control exercises as well. The class results are included in the post.

Show itself:

The show was pretty standard for me. I didn't get much gaming in as work has been a little rough lately and I decided relax, sleep in, and kind of passively observe. I did get to watch some games my friends were in (opted not to play), hang out and talk painting while working on a Hasslefree piece. A healthy amount of cider was had as well. I bought 2 pin up figures and an Anno Domini 1666 Esmerelda. I fell in love with the Esmerelda sculpt at Cold Wars but didn't get it then as I was already in over my head with picking up Test of Honour at that show. This is probably okay as it seems I left a color or two in the Hobby University paint kit I set up. I had to make an order with Reaper miniatures today to replace those colors.

Painting contest:

I did very well this year. I won three 1st places, a 2nd place and Best in Show. I had quite a few pieces finished and entered them all into the painting contest. My philosophy is “you will not win with any figure not in the contest”. I recommend it to everyone. One of the newer Hobby University volunteers placed in his category at Historicon after following that advice. I am encouraging him to blog as well so I will not take his story away if he decides to start. I will not spoil the fun of having them in Wargames Illustrated so I am not including close up pictures but “how to’s” for the bases for two of them are available in my blog in articles below. It was very neat to have the Perry Brothers there as it is my understanding they acted as special guest judges this year. A big thank you to Dave Taylor who runs the painting contest as I know it is a lot of work both during and after the show for him. 

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Tiles and inside environments

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Saturday, June 30, 2018

So I find doing outside environments such as earth and grass so much easier then basing for inside buildings. Though some pieces just cry out for a skirmish to take place inside. For a lot of these bases I love to use tile flooring. Currently painting a musketeer figure (will show after Historicon.) I use sheet styrene of appropriate tile size. Best part for most of them they can be mixed and matched like I did here to make space for freehand or flourishing touches.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel with a marble tutorial but will link to this one done by the massive voodoo crew.

Don't get hung up on the specific colors listed instead try to find a natural reference photo so that the color compliments your figure. To add some additional pop. See everyone soon at Historicon!

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Tags:  basing  Display Base  Historicon  Hobby University  Painting Contest 

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Damaged Weathered and Worn Models Magazine 03 Review

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Damaged magazine is a weathering and painting magazine published by Abteilung502. There are Spanish and English editions. I am reviewing issue 03. I have not read the other two issues. I wanted to purchase several other magazines to review. I picked the issue that was most striking to me. The difference was the Orc on the front cover. Most the the weathering magazines tend to be a little more traditional with at most one article on sc-fi and that is usually a piece of power armor or a spaceship. The fact that this one went in to skin tones was enough to get my interest.

The magazine cost $9.99 from Michigan Toy Soldier while I was at the Cold War's 2018. Total of 78 pages with five of them being for advertisements. Nine different projects being worked on. There is no table of content. The cover is high gloss and the paper quality is good.

As this is a magazine and not a book review I will not write up every individual project. I will instead write up my opinion on the pros and cons of this particular magazine.

Pros: So far this magazine has had the most mix in projects with both sci-fi, fantasy, and real world projects being represented. The pictures are clear with most projects showing understandable step by step process of the project. In all but the Orc project text is kept close to the picture being discussed. Product being used is clearly shown and reason for its particular use mentioned. The magazine does not follow an issue "theme" so it shows a variety of techniques and not just different ways of achieving a similar effect. Making the magazine more interesting for a general read and look over.

Cons: There seems to be a real distinct writing and presentation style differences between projects. The Orc project received a massive wall of text with some jumping between stages with the photos. I am not sure if this is because it is the featured article or just this writers writing style. While the advertising pages are few in numbers the magazine has a clear bias towards AK interactive products and Vallejo. Though to be clear the magazine is a project With Fernando Vallejo as Chief Editor and he works with AK interactive. Though the Vallejo paint preference is a coincidence as despite name he has no hand in the Vallejo paint line. As the magazine does not have an issue "theme" there is potential for articles being of little interest or use to a particular individual. Those looking for a particular model focus or result might be better off with Tanker or Weathering magazine

My over all final impression is that it is a solid mixed modeling and weathering magazine. I would pick up issue 1 or 2 in the future and give them a read knowing I am getting a well designed product.

Link for those interesting in purchasing:


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Product review: Green Stuff World Texture Rolling Pin

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Friday, January 5, 2018

With the desk in place.  I can now get back to painting. I am still trying to break in feeling 100 percent comfortable in the new set up so decided to paint some play pieces instead of competition figures. I didn't have a resin base for the list I was happy with. then I remembered having this base texture "thing" but  never had the chance to try it out. As you can see it does give a very nice texture and other then some work to make sure the green stuff is level. (I used plastic wrap and anothier smooth acrylic tube.) It is super quick to make a base with.The pattern changes through out the roll so depending on where you start from it does give some nice variation. Just make sure you lubricate the roller or the green stuff to make sure the putty doesn't stick and lift with the roller.

The only one I purchased was the Ancestral Recall texture roller. I did find it nice enough that I just ordered two more. For those that don't need 28mm scale they also have texture rollers for 15mm. For the terrain builders they have extra large rollers to get extra coverage quicker. In the information from the website the rollers will also work on foam for terrain building.

Where I ordered the product from:

The recipe for my painted piece:

Beige tile:

Shadow color: Chestnut Brown (Reaper MSP)

Base color: khaki shadow (Reaper MSP)

Highlight color: Linen white (Reaper MSP)



Shadow color: Gothic Crimson* (Reaper MSP)

Base color: Heraldic Red (Reaper MSP)

Highlight color: Linen white (Reaper MSP)

* Limited edition color

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Tags:  basing  Green Stuff World  Product Review  Reaper Master Series Paints  RMSP  Work space 

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Happy New Year

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Monday, January 1, 2018
Quick update as it's already been a long day but over the weekend went and bought a new paint desk as the old one was warping. I'm a table bracer and the sounds it was waking when it braced was making me nervous. The addition of drawers has helped out in getting some of the sculpting materials and tools out of boxes around my feet and easier to reach. Happy New Year and happy painting!

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Tags:  Work space 

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Slowest copy machine ever

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Tuesday, December 5, 2017
First let me apologize for mucking up settings on this blog. I had comments set wrong all this time and now with the update it stood out big time. Anyone in the Hobby University should be able to comment now. Finished a bunch of commission projects and now back to painting for myself. I was lucky enough to purchase a commission paint job from Jen Haley. A wonderful painter and a most amazing person. So as many canvas painters I set out to copy this master piece of a master painter. I am less concerned about the conversions and the specific color choices. The goal is going to be to match light placement and challenge my blending skills. So far it has been a very slow going paint job but I am learning a ton.

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Tags:  Kingdom Death  Pin up  reaper paints  Wip 

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Hasslefee: "I am Wrath"

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Saturday, September 30, 2017
Getting ready for Reapercon and I figure i would post up one of the figures i have been working on to bring it to the show. Hopefully I will have this done and be able to put a few hours in to a mecha figure I would like to bring.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Hasslefree  Painting Contest  reaper paints  Reapercon  weathering 

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Keep on walking part 3

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Monday, August 28, 2017

Yes I know I'm bad about updating this. I got distracted by new projects but I'm semi back now. For the stones I use a very wet paint blending which is a modification of Jim Wappels shaded base coat. Idea is use a wet and just slight water paint and loosely lay down a base coat that with work as an under color. The next wet color near a section will blend with minimal work which leaves the stones similar yet different. More thin colors can be applied on top. Idealistically if I work the next layer the previous color with work as an under shade and continue to add a soft individual look to each rock with out me over working single stones at a time.

See Jim's excellent blog here:


Until next time

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Tags:  Airbrushing  reaper paints  Reapercon  Wip 

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"Keep on Walking" part 2

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Sunday, May 28, 2017

Some mild progress on the display base. I promised to keep updating work in progress pics as I remember. Now I am happy with it I have to work on some gutter and road trash. 


The charity project got me out of a blending technique that I was practicing on so spending some time this weekend getting back to it.

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Tags:  Airbrushing  Bombshell Miniatures  Display Base  Reaper miniatures  reaper paints  Reapercon  Sculpting  Wip 

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"Keep on Walking"

Posted By Gregory Zuniga, Saturday, May 20, 2017
Starting one of my display piece that if I am lucky will be ready for world expo but that I am really shooting for Reapercon with. Idea is a adventurer outside a tavern. I will try and keep up with these work in progress blitz of pics when ever I can.

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Tags:  Display Base  Painting Contest  Reaper miniatures  Reapercon  Sculpting 

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