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Our theme is The 150 the Anniversary of the end of the American Civil War.

The year - 1865. The place - Richmond, Virginia.

”In the last days of the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was fighting with its back to Richmond. These battle-weary but determined Confederates were facing overwhelming odds. A section of guns from the Third Company, Washington Artillery of new Orleans, "...the most famous of the Confederate volunteer artillery organizations," was posted at Fort Gregg, a critical portion of the thin line of defense close to the Appomattox River. If the fort fell, the Union forces could break the Confederate line.

On April 2, 1865, the Union forces attacked Fort Gregg. The 270 defenders had to hold until Lieutenant General James Longstreet's men could occupy new positions. Assault after assault broke against the walls of the fort like a rising blue tide against a rock. One of the assaults swept over the parapet of the fort. Lieutenant McElroy's guns of the Third Company, Washington Artillery barred the way. Three-inch Parrot rifled cannon, loaded with canister were aimed at the attacking Federal soldiers at point blank range.

A Union soldier called to Private Lawrence Berry, who had the firing lanyard in his hand, "Don't fire that gun! Drop the lanyard or we'll shoot!" Berry yelled back, "Shoot and be dammed!" and fired his cannon into the faces of his assailants. Almost immediately Berry went down with multiple wounds. The tenacious defense of Fort Gregg gained precious time for Confederate forces to solidify their lines. The courage, dedication and self-sacrifice of the Washington Artillery is carried on today by the 141st Field Artillery, Louisiana Army National Guard."

Little did these brave lads in blue and grey know, but Lee would surrender at Appomattax Court House just a few days later, ending a tragedy that saw 600,000 Americans on both sides die for causes they truly believed righteours and just. Yet these soldiers did not die in vain, but instead left a legacy of courage and dedication the heights of which have seldom been seen since. Are you willing to try and match their fortitude? Grab somehard tack or johnny cake, swish down one final slug of good Tennessee sippin' whiskey and sling your rifle for the long march to Lancaster, PA and the HMGS Cold Wars Convention now scheduled for 5 - 8 March 2015. Some of toughest commanders in blue and grey are in the front ranks ready to lead. Do you have the courage to follow?


Welcome to the Interenet's best online miniature gaming support, direct from the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS). Our organization was the founding body of the Society and as such remains its senior, and largest, Chapter.

HMGS, now boasting 2000+ members worldwide, promotes the hobby of historical miniature wargaming as a registered non-profit charitable and educational foundation. The Chapter accordingly has in the past sponsored seminars by distinguished historians such as Dr David G. Chandler of RMA Sandhurst and special events such as the American Civil War in Miniature series. We also award grants to other miniature wargaming clubs or activities, and fund related causes such as battlefield preservation.

Most importantly, HMGS holds three historical miniature gaming conventions each year. These are COLD WARS in March, FALL IN! in November and the one and only HISTORICON (called "the mother of all wargaming conventions" by The Wall Street Journal ) in July.

Membership in HMGS is $25.00 per year and brings discounts at many hobby franchises and HMGS conventions nation wide. Members also receive advance convention mailings and a periodic newsletter.

We hope you find this Website both informative and fun, encouraging you to join us in promoting our exciting hobby. Just click Join HMGS for a convenient form that will allow you to enjoy our growing and exciting Chapter. You may also Email our WebMeister for any questions or concerns you might have.

Thanks, and all of us at HMGS hope to hear from you soon!

911 - never forget.
Special thanks to Bob French of Grandiosity for previously sponsoring the HMGS Website until we could get our feet on the ground. Bob's volunteer spirit is a big reason why HMGS not only works, but works well.

HMGS logo used with permission of HMGS Midwest.

Unless otherwise noted, illustrations by WebMeister, COL (Ret) Bill Gray, HMGS. HMGS is a registered trademark of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Inc. Painting by Kieth Rocco for the United States National Guard Heritage Painting Series, the text from the National Guard Website, all in the public domain.

Updated 9 February 2015.


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