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Our theme is Big Wars and Little Soldiers - World Wars throughout time!

The bottom line here is that Historicon is turning the BIG 30. That's right, the mother of all wargame conventions is going to be 30 years old. So for this year's theme the convention director and staff have decided to go retro, back to the time when miniature wargame meant big tables with massive armies of colorfully painted lead and pewter soldiers. Back to the time when miniatures where painted in their Sunday best, and full dress, uniforms. Back to the time when EVERYBODY glossed their figures as opposed to a matte finish. So here we are talking about big wars and big battles. And tho the theme specifies "world wars," battles with huge armies are also welcome as theme games, regardless of the war they happen to be part of.

Wouldn't matter anyway. When you think world wars, its pretty incomplete to think of only World Wars I and II. What about the Seven Years War, which saw the emergence of Frederick the Great as one of history's greatest commanders? Sure, everyone remembers the battles in Europe such Prague and Kolin and Minden, but it was so much more. In this war the various combattants dueled with each other in exotic locals such as the West Indies, India, West Africa and even in North America where the campaign was known to the colonials forever as the French and Indian War.

Or what about the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 - 1905, where military operations spanned the distance between St Petersburg and Tokyo, and not only due to the massive numbers of Russian troops shipped eastward on the Transiberian Railway. Remember the Czar sent his mighty Baltic Fleet on an 18,000 mile trek to do battle with the Japanese at the Tsushima Straits, right in the Emperor's back yard in the Sea of Japan. And big? You want big? Consider the massive but little known battle from this war that decided the whole affair - the Battle of Mukden. Here we are talking about 624,000 soldiers supported by 1300 guns, slugging it out for 18 days.

The Japanese won both battle and war, of course, but HMGS asks if things could things have been different? What would have resulted from a different roll of the dice?  Who knows?  Maybe, YOU can rewrite history, so why not find out? Grab some Bratwurst, swish down one final slug of good German beer and sling your rifle for the long march to Fredericksburg, VA and the HMGS Historicon Convention now scheduled for 17 - 20 July 2014. Some of history's most hard nosed commanders are in the front ranks ready to lead. Do you have the courage to follow?


Welcome to the Interenet's best online miniature gaming support, direct from the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS). Our organization was the founding body of the Society and as such remains its senior, and largest, Chapter.

HMGS, now boasting 2000+ members worldwide, promotes the hobby of historical miniature wargaming as a registered non-profit charitable and educational foundation. The Chapter accordingly has in the past sponsored seminars by distinguished historians such as Dr David G. Chandler of RMA Sandhurst and special events such as the American Civil War in Miniature series. We also award grants to other miniature wargaming clubs or activities, and fund related causes such as battlefield preservation.

Most importantly, HMGS holds three historical miniature gaming conventions each year. These are COLD WARS in March, FALL IN! in November and the one and only HISTORICON (called "the mother of all wargaming conventions" by The Wall Street Journal ) in July.

Membership in HMGS is $25.00 per year and brings discounts at many hobby franchises and HMGS conventions nation wide. Members also receive advance convention mailings and a periodic newsletter.

We hope you find this Website both informative and fun, encouraging you to join us in promoting our exciting hobby. Just click Join HMGS for a convenient form that will allow you to enjoy our growing and exciting Chapter. You may also Email our WebMeister for any questions or concerns you might have.

Thanks, and all of us at HMGS hope to hear from you soon!

911 - never forget.
Special thanks to Bob French of Grandiosity for previously sponsoring the HMGS Website until we could get our feet on the ground. Bob's volunteer spirit is a big reason why HMGS not only works, but works well.

HMGS logo used with permission of HMGS Midwest.

Unless otherwise noted, illustrations by WebMeister, COL (Ret) Bill Gray, HMGS. HMGS is a registered trademark of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Inc. Painting "Erstes Battalion Leibgarde in Die Schlacht bei Kolin," by Richard Knoetel (1857 - 1914) via Wikipedia and in the public domain.

Updated 18 April 2014.


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